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Technology is an integral part of product development. Though it provides many benefits, there are also drawbacks.

One potential problem is the presence of unwanted consequences. When this digital pollution becomes a problem, how can you address it?

What is digital pollution?

Recognizing the consequences of technological growth takes time. Companies must adapt to change to survive.

Data from a recent Forbes Insight survey shows organizations that embrace customer data are more likely to become disruptive leaders. Only 13% of companies surveyed fall into this category.

Establishing a digital growth strategy will help business leaders combat digital pollution, which falls into three categories:

News is spread across multiple mediums, but not all of it comes from reliable sources. This makes it challenging to determine what to believe and causes distrust.

Technology contributes to the polarization effect through targeted ads and more airtime according to the number of views on social media. Validation through likes and follows leads users to post more radical content.

Regularly engaging in polarizing interactions through social media content can pollute one’s mental health. This leads to a damaged society.

Five Ways to Avoid Digital Pollution When Creating New Products

Here are five ways to avoid digital pollution when creating a product development strategy.

1. Define a clear vision

Define your vision to gain a clear picture of what change will look like. Determine who will benefit from the change, why it is needed, and what the result will accomplish.

Establish a product development strategy that aligns with your vision. It will help you mark progress while developing your new product.

2. Own your change

The digital era provides multiple ways to reach customers. Throughout the product development process, consider how your product impacts users.

Hold yourself and your company accountable for change. Take responsibility for product decisions and how they affect the world at large.

Plan your product development strategy with the future in mind. Think of ways your new product can evolve over time.

3. Focus on culture

Invest in your culture to drive change. A positive culture gives you a competitive edge. Employees who understand the need for digital change will adapt to it more quickly.

Moving forward involves more than technology. Choose human aspects employees can use in everyday work. These include organizational charts and leadership training to illustrate the positive effects of change.

Give your teams decision-making authority. Experimentation and risk-taking create an agile workplace.

4. Educate your employees

Technology is continually evolving. To succeed in today’s fast-paced market, you must evolve with it.

Educate your employees so they can keep up with the digital landscape. Regularly require training so everyone can benefit from new features and technologies.

Offer training in different forms to keep it fresh and comply with varying modes of learning. Methods might include online courses, videos, and in-person classes.

5. Keep up with the trends

Customers expect products that meet their needs. As trends change, so should you.

Failure to embrace change results in negative consequences. Company leaders who choose to ignore current trends or jump onboard too late may lose some or all of their market.

Innovation is the key to success. Research shows 71% of companies surveyed are experiencing or will experience disruption in the near future. New products should be tailored to global change to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Are you looking for more ways to innovate when creating your product development strategy? Contact us to request a demo.

Originally published at https://ideascale.com on September 22, 2020.



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