Community Engagement Tips

Crowdsourced innovation communities only succeed when they bring in new voices and encourage them to share ideas. Companies with higher ideation rates are associated with higher profits and net growth, but how are you supposed to bring people in and make them feel heard. We asked our Innovation Strategists at IdeaScale to share some community engagement tips:

“Post a video of a key high-level sponsor showing support for the campaigns that you’re running. It doesn’t have to be high production value (you could even record it on your phone), but it validates the program and you can switch it out anytime for a new video when you have new messages to share.”

-Sonja Sulcer

“Use and re-use all marketing and communications tools you can dream up. Some messages are evergreen or can be amped up and recycled. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, but you do have to stay in contact continuously.”

-Matt Paulson

“Get to know your audience. It’s the best part of chatting with someone, after all: learning about them. FInd out what messages resonate, what incentives would be meaningful and then leverage those insights in your communications plans.”

-Lindsay Rentz

“Make sure incentives are part of your strategy. And I’m talking about incentives as simple as recognition (one of the most powerful motivators) or plenty of other non-monetary incentives. If there’s value to participating in the conversation, you’re going to improve participation levels, idea quality levels, and improve the experience of your crowd.”

-Kerry Seed

“Ask questions. It’s a great way to show that you’re listening and a great way to generate further engagement. Our best customers check in on every idea as it comes in and ask probing questions to develop the idea or prompt discussion. You don’t have to be a social scientist to get this communications tactic right, you just need to be interested and empathetic.”

-Erik Siebert

“Add just one new channel to your communications strategy each time you launch a new campaign. Maybe you introduce a video this time, maybe you have a mobile texting strategy, maybe you’ve been wanting to try social promotion? Each launch is a chance to experiment and learn. I’d say that you need to be communicating through at least four channels to start making an impact. If you can grow that exposure with each launch, you’ll be a pro in no time.”

-Jessica Day

“Meet your audience where they are. In other words, take a minute to think about the high traffic areas where your crowd ‘hangs out’ all day. At IdeaScale, we are surfing Slack. At other organizations, employees are surfing the company intranet or homepage. Public crowds tend to live on social media. Once you find out where your crowd spends a good portion of their time, then leverage integrations to bring IdeaScale to them. We have a number of integrations that can post new ideas and updates to other digital environments. We can even collect new ideas from different tools. Talk to your account manager to explore these options. This will lower the barrier to engagement, as your crowd members will be able to get updates and engage with your IdeaScale program at the time and place that is most convenient for them.”

  • Whitney Bernstein

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