FeaturedCustomers Report Names IdeaScale a Market Leader

3 min readApr 16, 2020


Idea management software is recognized as an innovative tool for helping organizations improve productivity, and when it comes to choosing the right platform, IdeaScale is leading the way. This success as innovators has not gone unnoticed, earning IdeaScale the title of market leader in a recent FeaturedCustomers Report.

IdeaScale’s innovation platform allows users to collect, assess and deploy the most relevant ideas, then track progress over time.

IdeaScale’s idea management software lets you collect ideas from employees as well as outside parties so business challenges can be tackled in a way that transforms the way you do business. It includes features such as:

  • The ability to customize organizational needs
  • Tools to promote collaboration with others
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate business processes

Report Rankings

The FeaturedCustomers report uses a ranking system based on data from the customer reference platform, web presence, market presence, and social presence. Data from online sources is also considered. An algorithm is applied to all the data to calculate the final rankings of the customer success report.

What It Means to be a Market Leader

Market leaders are recognized as the top organizations that understand the power of innovation. They support the ideas shared within their organizations as well as the people who created them.

IdeaScale leads the market in innovation by offering a platform where people can come together to discuss and share ideas. This occurs either within the company or through the use of crowdsourcing and presents more opportunities for bringing people together.

The IdeaScale Difference

IdeaScale helps organizations recognize their most valuable resource is passionate people. While the team helps people connect, the software enables the sharing of opinions of those in public and private communities.

Ideas are collected and voted on by users. The ideas that receive the most votes are evaluated, then routed to the right areas. Once the best ideas are implemented, the progress of tasks can be tracked. This makes IdeaScale’s idea management software an engine of crowd-powered innovation.

Benefits of Using the IdeaScale Platform

The IdeaScale platform presents several unique benefits. Idea management software allows organizations to reach a broader audience and hear from more people than ever before. This promotes the sharing of ideas on all levels, which leads to a more tailored experience.

The ability to boost engagement is another advantage of using the IdeaScale platform. Through various activities, knowledge sharing and collaboration occur. The result is a breakthrough in innovation and development of products targeted for specific audiences.

The platform is also cited for being intuitive, making it easy for members to use. This further encourages engagement and innovation.

Why Idea Management Software Matters

Digital transformation creates new opportunities. The internet places collaboration in the forefront of how companies do business. According to recent research, 70 percent of companies either have or are working on a digital transformation strategy.

Digital transformation allows organizations to create new opportunities that lead to innovative trends. This requires change at every level but is rewarding across all platforms. The ability to gain information from such a wide range of sources using idea management software only improves the experience.

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