• Xavier Kindermans

    Xavier Kindermans

  • Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani is a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur whose most notable startups include Guin Records, Dormzi, and The Doe.

  • Carlos Rodriguez-Gut

    Carlos Rodriguez-Gut

    Researcher, Content curator & Professor. Researching about the impact of knowledge, technology & innovation in organizations and ways of life of the human being

  • Scott Kaufman

    Scott Kaufman

    Dad, technologist, web hacker, husband.

  • William Malek

    William Malek

  • Grant Brewer

    Grant Brewer

    Husband. Father. Thinker. Ernst & Young Advisory Markets Leader for sub-Saharan Africa. Sharing ideas that I learn in life & at work. Opinions are all mine.

  • Olatunde Okiki Enoch

    Olatunde Okiki Enoch

  • Michael Harbin

    Michael Harbin

    Innovation Instigator | Husband | Father | Human-being | Opinions expressed are my own and do not represent any other entity or organization.

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