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Planning and executing innovative change in any organization takes time. Once your goal is reached, you need a way of keeping it on track for the duration.

Organizational leaders understand the challenges presented by a cultural transformation. Change management helps managers and employees prepare for new processes and practices.

Create a culture of high performance

Increase your organization’s performance by creating the right culture. This may require minor changes or a major transformation.

Either way, employees should be comfortable conversing about new ideas. Otherwise, innovation won’t be possible.

Give employees a space to innovate. This can come in the form of a physical location or an online platform. Combine both types of spaces to create more powerful idea-sharing opportunities.

Include everyone company-wide in your innovation efforts. Managers and employees who feel encouraged to share ideas likely will.

Expand outreach beyond your organization. Look to external sources such as leaders from other companies and your customers for new product ideas.

Ensure your expectations are clear. When employees understand their roles in the innovation process, they can begin moving forward.

Become a role model

Become a role model for your employees. When they see you performing a task differently to achieve a particular result, they are more likely to also adopt the same mindset. These day-to-day shifts may be subtle or huge, but they will all address the need for positive change.

According to research, a culture transformation is 5.3 times more likely to be successful when leaders model specific behaviors. Employees will adopt these behaviors when they see executives and managers leading by example.

Employees should be able to connect the dots between the action that occurs and the change message it carries. These actions are symbolic because they represent the bigger picture of current and future innovations.

Make change stick

Organization leaders need to support change to make it stick. This is a crucial part of the change management process.

Leadership support helps managers and employees carry out initiatives. It provides direction throughout an entire process.

Reinforcing change is time-consuming. It uses resources such as energy, money, and hard work.

Measure your progress. The metrics for each project will vary. Conduct research up-front to determine what those metrics should be for a given situation.

Encourage feedback organization-wide. Communication about change management requires an ongoing dialog between managers and employees for sustainability.

Employees who feel their ideas are heard will react positively to the change. This support is crucial for successful innovation.

Focus your innovation efforts on the future. Forward-thinking attitudes lead to success and help sustain positive change.

Shifting innovation perspectives leads to change. Recent research revealed the number of organizations that are providing funding for innovation initiatives has increased by 67% since 2017.

Embed change management in your company culture. Let it guide how you select and implement projects.

A change culture adds consistency to how processes are carried out. Employees who know what to expect will approach new innovations with a positive attitude. This leads to an increase in idea sharing and implementation across the board.

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Originally published at on September 29, 2020.



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