How Crowdsourcing is Shaping the Future of Digital Interaction

Crowdsourcing is quickly evolving and gaining notoriety in the business world. According to a study performed by the company Eyeka in 2014, in the past 10 years, 85% of the top global brands have used crowdsourcing efforts within their company. As the world moves further into the digital age, companies need to find faster and more innovative ways to collect the best ideas around. Interacting digitally through crowdsourcing is the quickest way this can be done.

A growing service among a variety of industries, crowdsourcing is the next step for your company when it comes to extra support. Conventional means of communicating is limited to in-house interactions. Yet, crowdsourcing is like a hive-mind though, opening you up to a larger workforce. They are filled with diverse sets of skills, information, backgrounds, and experiences you can use to help your company. Crowdsourcing is the way to shape your company’s future in the right direction.

Here’s how the innovation of crowdsourcing will change digital interactions for you and your company.

Social Media Collaboration

Customer Interaction

In fact, many businesses are taking advantage of this type of opportunity by providing their own online platforms on their websites. However, it is imperative that the platform created has the user experience in mind. A good UI design, coupled with app design and development, increases the likeability of online interactions. If the social collaboration platform you choose is not easily accessible or has a confusing interface, ideas may not get shared effectively, and the crowd won’t come back.

In-house Communication

Several functionalities that crowdsourcing platforms can use to boost communication in the office are :

● Direct messaging- Be able to connect to anyone in the office to use their knowledge and expertise

● Open forums — Openly ask questions to anyone and receive answers quickly

● Constant alerts and notifications — Always be updated and connected

● Communal upload documents and information — Have access to all of the information you need


Here are 3 tips to encourage crowdsourcing through feedback:

● Ask for Feedback — Ask open-ended questions to collect valuable insight through an active and always ongoing conversation.

● Create Contests — Host a social media feedback contest to foster ideas

● Use Polls and Surveys — Collect ideas, opinions, and feedback with polls and surveys

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