New Year’s Resolution: Catch Up on These Must-Read Innovation Blogs from 2019

Are you looking for ways to take your innovation strategy to the next level in 2020? Check out our top innovation blogs from 2019 for tips on transforming your product, process, market, and more.

Seven Free Brainstorming Tools for 2019

Brainstorming is where innovation and product development strategy begin, but sometimes you need a little push to get started. Learn how to get those creative juices flowing with tools such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Visual Thesaurus
  • Coggle and more

How Does Globalization Impact Innovation Strategy?

Did you know innovation can bridge social, cultural, and political differences? New technologies and ideas can spread quickly across the world, closing the gap to bring these matters together. Read more about how to design your innovation strategies taking globalization into consideration.

Top Innovation Conferences for 2019

If you’re looking for events in 2020 hosting some of the top thought leaders of today, check out these top conferences from 2019. Sign up for The Future Festival, Think, Open Nation, and more. (Stay tuned for an updated 2020 conference list soon!)

Crowdsourcing vs. Focus Groups: A Comparative Review

Crowdsourcing is a great way to assemble data for product innovation. It gathers relevant data through educated opinions that can be used to formulate ideas that guide product development. Think of crowdsourcing as a vehicle for getting well-informed results. Focus groups are a time-honored way to gather public opinion as well. Read this blog to see how the two stack up in the innovation department.

Top 5 Women Innovators of All Time

You’re probably familiar with a host of male inventors, but how many women innovators can you name? A lack of educational opportunities coupled with cultural reporting bias has kept female inventors from being highly recognized, but this is changing in great part because of the internet. Check out five of the top women innovators of all time in this entertaining blog.

4 Steps to Supercharge Your Next Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming helps you come up with new and innovative ideas toward creating a product development strategy that can change the way products are made and used. The right tools will net you with better ideas. Learn four ways to rock your next brainstorming session in this post.

Is Your Office Design Stifling Creativity?

Office design is a crucial aspect of your innovation strategy. Certain factors must be present to foster the development of innovative ideas. Consider collaboration spaces, plenty of light, and a comfortable environment for your employees. Discover how re-thinking your office design may be the spark for inspired innovation in this blog.

Emerging Trends Impacting the Financial Sector in 2019

Crowdsourcing and open innovation are gaining ground in the financial industry. The risky nature of finance prompts conservatism, but approaching ideas from a collaborative perspective may help to break through boundaries. Understanding issues such as security, big data, and transparency will help financial institutions and other corporations come together to bridge the gap between what customers should weigh in on and what information should remain confidential. Explore emerging trends in the financial sector with this insightful article.

Five Benefits of a Diverse Innovation Team

How diverse does your innovation team need to be? Diversity can drive your innovation strategy while helping you create better products. Examine five significant benefits of diversity for your organization with this post.

What Is Sustainable Innovation?

Sustainability is a concern among business leaders today. When coming up with new and innovative ideas, company leaders strive to create products that leave the earth in better condition than it was before. The two concepts of sustainability and innovation are so closely intertwined that sustainability leaders of today are considered innovation leaders, outranking those who aren’t concerned with creating sustainable products. Learn more about with sustainable innovation is and how you can create sustainability with your innovation strategies in this article.

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