Top Innovation Conferences for 2022

3 min readMar 24, 2022

One of the central curiosities of the COVID-19 pandemic is that innovation festivals have had to show some innovation themselves. In 2022, one fascinating theme we’ve noticed is what’s stuck.

Virtual conferences in particular seem to be one trend that will linger after the pandemic. Even the in-person events we list here will have either a virtual component or a virtual sister event. Some have even done away with entry fees and have gone entirely virtual.

Ready to collaborate and innovate? Here are some conferences to check out.

The Adobe Summit: March 15–17, 2022

Another popular stop on the innovation circuit, Adobe’s customer experience-focused event went free and virtual in 2021, and that remains in place this year. Especially helpful if you’ve felt that you’ve had a crash course in UX over the last year, this will be a great way to take stock, pick up new skills, and see what else you can implement for your customers.

THE Innovation Impact Summit: April 25–28, 2022

The Times of Higher Education (THE) is focusing on what makes a successful innovation environment in the higher ed community higher education, with a particular consideration on where innovation goes, who benefits from it, and how we can ensure a fairer distribution of life-saving research.

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Attending innovation conferences has never been easier.[/caption]

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit: May 3–4, 2022

As one of the more respected research firms worldwide, Gartner is continuing its highly regarded events in the virtual space. This summit in particular stands out, as remote working and online connectivity are more important than ever. The conference looks closely at how apps need to be built to support change in order to grow as the ripples from the pandemic expand out.

Innovation Roundtable Spring Summit: May 10–12, 2022, Copenhagen

While the Innovation Roundtable’s workshops and virtual trainings are continuing, the summit is officially back! Held in Copenhagen, the interactive program features 600 corporate innovators from 250 companies.

The event includes presentations, roundtables, and talks from top innovators. It’s built around eight different themes looking at how the world has changed in the intervening two years: in a working world where hybrid setups are becoming standard and companies are increasingly distributed around the globe, innovation has never been more crucial.

The Future Festival: September 27–29, 2022

One of the top innovation events is being held in September, along with an in-person summer tour. The festival will highlight how consumers have changed over the past two years.

The focus has always been on trends, and that’s more important than ever, as markets are unsettled and it’s not clear yet how consumer tastes and attitudes have shifted. Will e-commerce continue to hold a central role? How will remote work impact supply chains and consumer demand? These and other questions will be front and center.

2021 was a year that demanded innovation strategy and change management, and it’s no different in 2022. These conferences will help ground you for the coming challenges and, even better, all you need is a computer to attend. To get the latest on innovation management, request a demo!

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