Why Is Innovation Vital for Your Organization and What Innovation Services Are Available to Help?

Innovation is essential for all organizations. Whether you work in government or the private sector, constant change is vital to what you do.

The corporate innovation landscape is always evolving. Business leaders continually search for more creative ways of conducting business. For example, research shows the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the digital transformation, with companies reporting they are three times likelier to conduct at least 80% of customer interactions online.

Idea sharing is the first step in the innovation process. Crowdsourcing helps you quickly gather a wealth of ideas that lead to positive change. Take advantage of IdeaScale’s innovation services to get the most out of your crowdsourcing experience.

Crowdsourcing Approach

The approach to crowdsourcing is different for everyone. That is why you need a strategy specific to what you do.

Base your crowdsourcing approach on your objectives and the resources available to you. Experience in your industry and in idea sharing in general also plays an important role in how you seek new ideas.

The IdeaScale platform offers expertise that will accompany your experience and capabilities. This gets your idea-sharing journey off to a great start and ensures your success. Whether you are launching your first campaign or transforming your organization, you will benefit from these solutions.

IdeaScale Innovation Services

The IdeaScale innovation program places crowdsourcing at the forefront of every campaign strategy. A world-class innovation software platform combines with professional services to help your organization develop the next big product or service. Take advantage of a wide array of value-driven services that will take your organization to the next level.

Create a Strategic Innovation Blueprint

This enables your leaders to share the strategy you will follow going forward. Think of it as a blueprint for the future of your organization. The innovation blueprint helps leaders refine the areas where they need to innovate and define why. It helps designate innovation roles and outlines how they will fit with the innovation program.

Leading Innovation Workshop

Learn about innovation roles in the Leading Innovation Workshop. As a manager, you are building an innovation culture that encourages collaboration. This produces the consistent development and implementation of high-value ideas.

Silicon Valley Immersion

Experience Silicon Valley innovation practices. Explore various types of business opportunities such as start-ups and incubators through customized site visits.

Best Practices Bootcamp

Bring innovation teams together at the Best Practices Bootcamp. Gain valuable knowledge from IdeaScale about what they have learned through implementing more than 200 crowdsourcing programs. Take a deep dive into essential practices and examples from clients all around the globe. This bootcamp will be a positive experience for every team member.

Innovation Catalyst Network

Increase the impact of your team with an Innovation Catalyst Network. This informal network is comprised of certified innovation consultants, including coaches, ambassadors, and facilitators.

Innovation Maturity Surveys

Assess your innovation program or organization in general through IdeaScale’s Innovation Maturity Surveys. These assessments help determine how ready and capable your organization of innovating at the highest levels.

Excelling at Innovation Workshop

Sign employees up for the Excelling at Innovation Workshop. This teaches employees the skills, tools, and mindset for successful innovation. Learn how to become more disciplined when developing and championing ideas with the highest potential.

Persuasive Presentation Workshop

Encourage employees to formulate and pitch new ideas at the Persuasive Presentation Workshop. Others will say yes and act to ideas that are presented in a clear and compelling way.

Collaborate on Innovative Projects

Collaborate on innovation projects. Targeted expertise enables you to address critical tasks on your innovation agenda.

In addition to these services, IdeaScale also offers a wide range of platform services that empower employees. These include:

  • Hands-on instruction
  • Expert advice
  • Project staffing
  • Community and campaign training
  • Campaign moderation
  • Campaign reporting and analysis
  • Campaign design
  • Branding
  • Campaign launch

For more information about innovation services offered and to sign up for a consultation, schedule now.

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